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Monday, January 23, 2012

N9 not Getting out of Standby

After a while of inactivity, we all know that the phone goes blank and shows the standby screen. I chose to have the standby screen off. However, occasionally when I press the power button to re-activate the phone, it does not respond, leaving the display completely black. I presume if you had the standby screen, the clock and the black background would remain. The only solution to this I've found was to plug in the charger or usb cable as this somehow wakes up the phone. However, obviously the usb cable is not always on hand in which case, I hold the power button down for a long time to turn the phone off and then turn it back on. 

Has this happened to you? 


  1. You've got so many problems with your N9 that I'm asking myself if you've got a true N9... Come on, do a Total Reset and all your problems will be solved, and your PR1.2 that will arrive in a few weeks will be cleanly installed !

  2. I Had this problem on the original firmware, but not after upgrading and disabling haptic feedback which on my device makes programs freeze for several seconds at a time, specifically just after startup our when reactivated.
    The Swype keyboard us most likely the source id that but I've not had any development experience on Meego before so I've not been able to verify this.

  3. I had the same problem some weeks ago and somehow I thought it might be because of one of the Nokia N9 Tweak tools that I used, so I reset all tweaks to its defaults and didn't have the problem since then... UNTIL, I read this post this morning.. today it happend again and it took me about 7 reboots to get it working normally again.. :( I didn't try the workaround with the usb-cable yet.

  4. just reboot mine just did it. could could see the clock and there was a little bit of bleed of the clours on the apps screen.When i rebooted this was fine. But can you tell me whether you have the bleeding problem at times?

    1. I didn't have this bleeding of colour. I reflashed my phone, as this bug drove me nuts :) since then it's fine

  5. This has happened to me too, even after upgrading to PR 1.2.
    I think this seems to be a problem with the X server. When the phone goes into this state the phone stops ringing. When I try to call my number it says "not reachable".