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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hard Resetting your N9

There are times when you accumulate problems on your phone that the option to reset your phone is the best option. For me, the following problems started to appear on my N9 which made me decide to hard reset the phone today:

  1. Bluetooth was no longer working, as I mentioned to many of you in my email lately. 
  2. Pressing the lock button, the screen would discolour and give me a distorted image rather than dim to a standby screen. 
  3. Calls were not connecting for some reason
  4. Battery was draining since my installation of PR 1.1 and someone was suggesting that a hard reset should fix the problem
So in one foul swoop, I went to SETTINGS -> RESET -> HARD RESET and entered my security code to give my phone the equivalent of a FORMAT C:\

What happens after a hard reset?
  1. Some applications are gone
  2. Bluetooth is working again
  3. No more discoloured screen problem when locking the phone
  4. Phone is running faster 
  5. Not sure yet whether the battery draining problem is fixed. 
Ovi store was not working properly but after I deleted my Nokia account and then signed in again, the ovi store worked. Hope this helps someone out there. 


  1. I had the same problem with the Bluetooth on my N9. I did the hard reset, everything went back to normal, i restored messages and contacts and all was well. After that I installed some apps from the Store (normal apps, nothing fancy) and the bluetooth died again. Also the first time it stopped working, i was just trying to start the Drive app and to connect the Bluetooth to my Midland BT2 headset. Do you happen to find out where the problem originates?

  2. same issue as Povas above after restoring everything from the backup BLUETOOTH stops working again any solution??????