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Monday, November 14, 2011

How to flash your N9 to PR 1.1 (even if it hasn't come out yet)

Since the release of PR 1.1, many people have been saying they haven't been able to get their hands on the update. There is hope though, since the update is now on Navifirm.
Unfortunately, this tool is only available for Windows, and I doubt it will come out onto Mac/Linux.

Please be aware, I suggest you do a back-up prior to flashing, and that even with a back-up, you may need to reinstall apps that were not pre-installed.

If you already have this tool, click "Clear Local Cache", as sometimes the update will be hidden.

Search for "Nokia N9" in the device list, select "20.2011.40.4", and search for your product code. (Note: If you can't find your code, or wish to flash with unbranded FW, ensure it is same country/region, colour and memory option.) If you select the 10.2011.34.1 and download the flasher, your phone will be flashed but your firmware version will be the same that you currently have (ie don't select 10.2011.34.1).

Click to enlarge

Choose the country variant that your phone is, which can be found on the back of the SIM card tray. You will need to take it out to have a look. If it is not there, you may want to google it to make sure you choose a compatible alternative country variant.

In the third screen, download the 1.1 GB .bin file. This is what contains the FW update.

Next you will need to install the Flasher tool, found here. Make sure it is version 3.12, this is the one compatible with Harmattan. (This is available for Windows, Mac and Linux)

For Windows, you simply open the .exe file and run the following command " -F <c:\whereitis\whatever>.bin -f -R "
For Mac or Linux, open Terminal and use the following " flasher -F <file path of FW file>.bin -f -R " 
Both of these commands will reboot the device after a successful flash.

Just wait and hope you did everything right.

From what I can see, here is a list of the changes (sorry about poor order, its just as I remember it):

- Changed font in messaging
- Individual notification icon for chat, text, mail and missed calls (Icon is also blue now.)
- Charging icon present on Standby Screen
- Notification icon on Standby screen no longer centred, aligned right with the time
- Music Player controls on Lock screen
- Updated Facebook App
- Messaging now shows "Delivered" next to time stamp for last sent text
- Gallery has new UI; no longer a scroll list at bottom, instead 4 icons (All photos, captured, favourites, options)
- Camera has colour filter option
- Calendar UI has changed slightly (new icons in toolbar)
- Swype pre-installed (activate in settings)
- Shadowing now above toolbar in various apps (not important, but I'm listing everything since apparently there is over 3000 improvements)
- Maps seems to start-up a bit quicker
- Swipe down to close is on by default
- Nokia Drive turns on almost instantly now
- I'm sure there is a lot more under the hood improvements but nothing I have noticed

If you need any more help flashing, send a tweet to our guest poster @MFaro-Tusino


  1. dear this new version arbic lang suport or not

  2. plz give the n9 frimwaer arbic product code

  3. It appears several firmwares have been removed. All that is left is Europe, Russia and a few on the European side of the Middle East.

  4. dear plz give me the nokia n9 arbic frimewaer link very argent.thamx

  5. The Arabic version does not expire after Nokia said it will end and will be available during this month

  6. Showing my complete lack of knowledge about Windows and command line promts, but trying to follow:

    For Windows, you simply open the .exe file and run the following command " -F .bin -f -R "

    I'm running the flasher program. It gives me a command line prompt of C:\ProgramFiles\Nokia\Flasher.

    I've stuck the .bin in a folder off C: root called \Nokia\. So if I'm understanding your directions, I should type:

    -F \Nokia\.bin -f -R

    When I do this, though, I get an error saying "-F not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program, or batch file"

    Ideas? What am I doing wrong?

  7. Hey Charlie, it would have to be "flasher -F c:\Nokia\NokiaPR11file.bin -f -R"

  8. Does any of the above FW supports Chinese? Im on 059L3V7 Black 64GB Singapore. Which should i download?