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Thursday, November 10, 2011

How to Make Twitter Work on your N9

I had the problem where the facebook app and the internet all worked ok on my N9 but the Twitter app would not work. It would always say "Sorry, can't connect" or something like that. I've just come across the solution for this problem which will fix Twitter on your N9. First of all, you need to be aware that all your internet settings, wifi settings and bluetooth pairing settings will be reset. If you are happy with that, proceed with the following to fix your Twitter app.

Go into Developer mode by going to Settings -> Security -> Developer Mode -> should be blue
Go to TERMINAL app which should now be on the bottom of your list of apps.

Type in the following with ENTER after each line
1. gconftool --recursive-unset /system/http_proxy
3. gconftool --recursive-unset /system/proxy
4. gconftool --recursive-unset /system/osso
5. exit

Twitter should now work on your N9.


  1. Thanks I've tried deleting .signon folder in /home/user but I think your solution is the good one ;)

  2. hi, Thanks. Tried this last week and it worked, but Twitter failed again today. Tried it again, but no luck this time...
    Seems it's not the final solution.
    I'm having trouble with all the accounts btw. It's asking for the passwords again and again

  3. Tried this, very cautious with my clumbsy fingers and lack of Linux like command line knowledge.
    Worked a treat, funny didn't have to reset Wifi or internet settings though. Could it be because of PR1.1?

  4. to anonymous - did u end up fixing twitter using another method?

  5. I tried it on my N9 and I think I needed a step more, cause the wifi stills working and twitter remains with same problem. :( I can read the trending topics, but in the moment I try to acces the app it says (translated from french to english) Unknown error, try it latter. It'd be curious, cause other forums I've seen, the people said they couldn't even seen TT. :/

    I've a week with my Nokia, in wich I tried first to connect to twitter, second I upgraded my phone and (finally) I erased my device. I don't have microsim yet, but, I don't think that makes a difference, ¿or can do? :/

  6. Hello, I tried this and Twitter is still not working. And to make things worse... I can't connect to WLAN anymore... any suggestions??. I've already restored the settings but nothing changed. Thanks in advance, Romina