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Thursday, November 17, 2011

China N9 - True Self is to Unfollow

Never has a Nokia advertisement encapsulated the feeling of many Nokia users as well as the China N9 advertisement featuring Bing Bing. The theme of the ad is "Unfollow", suggesting viewers stay true to themselves and not just sell out to the masses. It's quite clear what the ad is insinuating but it truly does take some stroke of individuality to go out on a limb with the Nokia N9. But as the ad says, "Can I survive in the face of criticism, as much as I have survived on praise?" If we are just doing what others want, then who are we but a reflection of everyone else?

Here's another ad by Samsung which also unashamedly follows along the same line as the Nokia N9 ad above. In a subtle attack on Apple fans, the ad follows a group of fans lining up for the launch of a new phone, mocking their commitment to an inferior phone. Have a look.

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