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Monday, December 5, 2011

Sync Google Calendar with N9

This Harmattan build supports multiple Mail for Exchange and multiple CalDAV accounts. For Google Calendar:
  • Go to Accounts > Add accounts > CalDAV
  • Username should be your full Google Calendar username (e.g. jbloggs@gmail.com) and password.
  • The URL is:
    • For your primary calendar: https://www.google.com/calendar/dav/
    • For other calendars: https://www.google.com/calendar/dav/uuid@group.calendar.google.com/
    • For some users, the primary calendar will only work with, supposing your e-mail is jbloggs@gmail.com: https://www.google.com/calendar/dav/jbloggs@gmail.com/
The uuid can be found on the calendar settings page within Google Calendar, and is a long string of characters & numbers.
The trailing slashes are crucial for Google.
  • The primary calendar claimed to sync, but no events showed up. So I deleted the CalDAV entry for my primary calendar and set up Mail for Exchange:
    • Username is your full Google Calendar username and password
    • Server: m.google.com
  • I synced my primary calendar using the syntax of the second URL (with my Google login email instead of uuid@google) and it worked great. YMMV.
  • Note: for me the sync button only worked once you go back out after creating the entry, and then back into it again.

This information was taken from Meego.com


  1. My N9 is doing a couple of odd things:

    1. turns itself to silent from time to time

    2. if the phone is hot from a long call the swiping and other touch functions stop working.

    If anyone has a fix for the silent ringer thing I'd be very grateful!


  2. I managed to set up multiple calendars using the following google hack:
    The description is for use with a windows phone, but if you delete your mail for exchange account on the N9 and add it again in 'accounts 'all your google calendars will show up.

  3. Hi all,

    I couldn't get it to work with the windows Phone hack described above. However, there is this other tip I found in one comment on another site. Just browse to https://www.google.com/calendar/iphoneselect and select the calendars you want to sync. That way you don't need these ridiculous urls (kinda much work when you deal with 10 calendars!), the simple url described in the post is enough. Link to where I found it: http://nokian9tipsntricks.blogspot.com/2011/10/howto-add-multiple-google-calendars.html scroll down to the comments.

  4. Did anyone get this to work with their google apps account?

    I use google apps for my company domain and when I set up the calendar with CalDAV on the N9 it detects all calendars but no syncronization actually occurs; I have no calendar entries on the phone.

    If I try this with my private google account (myname@google.com), it works as it's suppose to with multiple calendars.

    What's the deal with that?

  5. I found this helpful G+ post also on getting all Google calendars with one account.


  6. UPDATE: This works beautifully now after the PR 1.2 update.

    It's wonderful to finally be able to sync. all your calendars from your Google apps domain.

  7. I know this might sound strange here, but anyone knows how to do the same[calendar syncing] but with (sorry guys) Hotmail Windows Live calendar?

    Any help will be appreciated.

    1. I sync my google calendar with Caldav. For hotmail calendar I beleive mail for exchange is your option. See this link http://www.nokia.com/sg-en/support/nokia-n9-synchronisation-instructions/ .....Your option is the very last one, and it does state at the very end that hotmail calendar is synced also.

    2. ok it's me again, just some fyi to go along with the my above reply. I tried syncing thru Mfe hotmail account, got the sync arrow, a screen showing the items being synced, then a red arrow and message "invalid host address for exchange server". On further investigation, i found this is a widespread issue on N9, and N900. Maybe other phones also. No solution as of yet.

  8. I tried using this CalDAV method and even though events which are created after adding account show up , all previous events dont work.
    Also how can we get to sync Goggle Tasks?
    Any Idea?

  9. Several days testing wrong tips for sync my google calendars until, fortunately, arise these recommendation. Thanks a lot. It works for me. JlJ.