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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Optimising Network Mode

I am not sure whether this is a particularly typical experience for N9  users but I have found getting a lock on reception with the phone particularly frustrating. I decided to tinker with an area which I normally ignore when optimising my phone and that is in the Settings -> Mobile Network. 

In these settings, you are able to change the Network Selection to be Automatic or Manual. When this is changed to Manual, you are given a choice of which network you want to choose. I have left this Automatic but if you want to avoid roaming, I guess you can lock it to, say, Vodafone if you are an Australian 3 customer, to avoid roaming to Telstra for data. 

The Network Mode seems to be where I have had a little breakthrough. I changed the setting from "Dual" to "3G" as "GSM" is much slower than 3G from what I understand. The impact seems to have been that I am hardly ever getting no signal when I am trying to call someone. I am not sure whether this is because of this change in settings, but time will tell. It seems that the N9 seems to struggle with deciding at times between whether to make the call 3G or GSM and when you are ringing someone, the phone sits in silence for about 10 seconds and says "could not connect - Redial??"

Let me know what your thoughts are and if this has helped you, leave a comment below. Would love to get some verification from another user. 


  1. had the same prob like u n thought it was network problems on my side. i changed my settings to GSM only and now i dont have probs anymore.

  2. GSM works almost everywhere, 3G/UMTS is less available and crowded. If you want good telephone reception and battery life, set to GSM (but why did you buy a smartphone?). If you want to use 3G (much much faster) when available, set to Dual/Automatic. Having it fixed to 3G will result in poor connection practically everywhere.

    Back in the day when people were not happy/used to a battery life of just 1 day, a common trick for apple phone users was to switch this setting to GSM only.

  3. I have had the same experience. I had my N9 set to dual mode (AT&T network). At first it worked fine, but then I noticed the mode was emergency calls only. Switching back to GSM has resolved the issue.
    I've only been using this for 4 days now. Do you think Nokia is aware of this issue? I would like to experience the speed of 3G someday too.