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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Nokia Suite 3.3.49 doesn't work with N9

OK some of you may be getting very excited about the new Nokia Suite 3.3.49 in Betalabs. However, just tried it out and it does not work with the Nokia N9. Back to Nokia Link again...


  1. there is way to get Nokia Suite work with the N9, I assume you knew about it ?

  2. Hi, Nokia N9 work with stable Nokia Suite 3.2.100. See this screen of my N9. http://forum.mobilmania.cz/moderatori/mobilmania/dejvidek/n9/ovi_prehled.png

  3. Hi

    I know this is not the right place to post it, but are there any news about when and how it will be possible to use android apps on the N9?

    BR Malene