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Monday, October 24, 2011

4 Apps we need on N9

There seems to be a consensus with many N9 users and that is regarding the apps available on the Nokia store. Some applications have become so much a part of our daily life that the switch to the N9 has been made that little bit more difficult. After spending two weeks with just the Nokia N9, here's what we are pining for. 

Whatsapp - I think in terms of desperation that we gauged from Twitter users about missing apps on the N9, Whatsapp is right up there. The koombayah of all phone devices helps friends message each other for free over the internet rather than through sms. This program overcomes the silo treatment that Blackberry and more recently, Iphone has tried to impose on its users. We hope that this app comes to the N9 fast because whilst we sit pretty with the most beautiful phone (period), currently we are feeling a little left out of the camp fire right about now. 

Gravity - I know Jan Ole is probably working hard on this but for those using various social media platforms, no application comes near to rivalling Gravity in terms of useability and looks. 

Google Maps - There are times that a certain location cannot be found on the Nokia Maps built into the N9 and its times like these that I open up Google Maps for a second opinion. The Google Maps built in friend finder Google Latitude is also sorely missed. 

Quickoffice - If the Nokia developers were aiming the Nokia N9 to be a slick business phone, they certainly missed the mark by not including a Word/Powerpoint/Excel editor with the phone. Many of the Symbian users have grown to appreciate Quickoffice in times when last minute changes needed to be made to a presentation or revisions to speech notes. Quickoffice or something similar to it needs to come with the PR1.1 that we are all waiting for. 

That's the list off the top of my head. What apps do you crucially miss when you switched over to the Nokia N9?


  1. I would suggest viewranger. It's an excellent outdoor GPS navigator with a very good app for symbian.
    I sent the viewranger developers an email to find out if they're developing an app for MeeGo, but their answer was negative.
    Does anybody know about a good MeeGo alternative?

  2. Oh and of course DROPBOX

  3. Dropbox is now available on the N9 under the beta client - DropN9. Check it out

  4. Thanks for the tip, it works as a breeze,although the layout is a bit boring

  5. Pidgin or an msn client.

    Viber, like whatsapp.

    Myriad Alien Dalvik style compatability bridge ti run Android apps on N9.

    Nitdroid, so we can dual boot MeeGo and Android

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