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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Few Swipes You May Not Know About

There are more swipes than you think with the Nokia N9. By now you would have realised that swiping from the top down closes an app and swiping to the left or right in an application will take you to the other three screens (multitasking, feeds or apps list).

Swipe to Search
However, did you know if you keep pulling down on the screen in your email inbox and hold down for a while it will reveal the search function that you thought Nokia left out? I was about to blog on day one that it was weird that there is no search bar for the inbox but on closer inspection, this search is not only there, but its very fast! Whatever algorithm it is using, it seems to have learnt something from Gmail. 

Swipe to Refresh
In the Facebook application, swiping down from the middle of the screen in Notifications activates "refresh". 

Swipe up to Quick Launch
In any application that you have open, you can jump to the Dialler, Messaging, Camera or Web by swiping up a little from the bottom and holding it mid way. 

Hope that helps.


  1. Here's a swipe you can appreciate , When using two languages (input methods) swiping the keyboard right or left changes text input, its not even one click process :)

  2. the email search swipe also seems to work for messaging as well.

    Thanks for this blog!

  3. Swipe down on virtual keyboard to hide it.