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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nokia Australia Lumia Videos

Nokia Australia is preparing for a 2012 March into the Australian market with intro videos of the Lumia 800 already available as people are expected to youtube the Lumia 800 which is being released into the Aussie outback in just two weeks from today. Complete with an Australian accent, these videos seem to target those that are relatively new to smartphones, explaining the key features of the Lumia 800 as well as relating the features back to things that the viewer may be able to understand, like Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer which almost everyone is familiar with. What do you think of the videos?


Nokia Drive - how to use navigation, check the map and leave reviews

 Browsing - features of Internet Explorer, sharing websites etc  

Microsoft Office - why you need a phone with Word, Excel and Powerpoint built in with Skydrive and sharing  

 Apps and Games

Music & Entertainment - with mix radio, how to buy tickets to concerts and camera features

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