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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What 12 Firmware Improvements Immediately Noticed in PR 1.2?

Australia now has PR 1.2 for the Nokia N9. I've just upgraded my Nokia N9 to the 1.2 release which took almost an hour to get all the updates installed. Here are some of the things I have noticed about the 1.2 update:

  • The update did not wipe out my apps, phone calls or sms which is always good. 
  • The speed of the phone seems to be the same as before
  • Swype is MUCH faster than before
  • Facebook icon on the top status bar shows up when there are Facebook notifications
  • Twitter problems which were referred to in this blog earlier have been fixed. Before installing the 1.2 update, my twitter application was broken again and I hadn't gotten around to fixing it (again). Thank God for the 1.2 update then! 
  • The new Nokia font doesn't get noticed.. UNTIL you look at your notifications screen in which case you think, wow, that looks so much better! 
  • Sound effects added to the swipe down to close gesture
  • Drive app now has an overview icon in the bottom right corner which gives you the ability to zoom out of your current view to see a context view of the map
  • Maps app includes Favourites which allow you to "star" some of your favourite locations
  • Front facing camera hasn't been tried out yet - can't enable it for camera
  • Cut, Copy and Paste are available (see below)

So what have you noticed about PR 1.2?


  1. Hi,
    Why is it not availabe in dubai?

    1. Even i am waitin...wen is it available in uae??? :(

  2. i have the 1.2 and its better, i from PerĂº, the screen is more brillant and stay that from a one option now aviable, more fast

  3. Gmail is working slowlier in 1.2. Otherwise the update has made my N9 a better phone.

  4. Any word on USA availability? I flashed mine to get PR 1.1. I didn’t ruin the update process did I?