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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lumia updates on the way to WP8

It hasn't been long we've had Windows Phone 7 and now there is the announcement that Microsoft will bring out WP8. For existing Lumia users, there will be an update coming soon which upgrades your WP7 to WP7.8 which includes most of the new features found in the WP8 phones. Windows Phone 8 will include new NFC technology that is currently available in the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and SIII phones. There will be a new start screen and multi-core chips in the phones. Microsoft also announced that soon Lumia users will be able to join everyone else in a game of Words with Friends or Draw Something, if that game is still being played at that time. Nokia Transport and Nokia Drive 3.0 are also on their way. You'll for example be able to see on your home screen how long it is going to take for you to get home based on live traffic data. You will also be able to manually adjust your route as you like.

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