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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

PR1.3 Soon Available for N9

Good news coming from swipe.nokia.com is that the new firmware update for the Nokia N9 will soon be available. They are rolling out the update to phones around the world starting with the unbranded ones. So if you have a N9, keep an eye on your events screen or go to Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications to monitor available updates.


  1. it's done! can't find any difference but at least it feels faster

  2. Me too, done on my wife's phone. didn't notice anything "new" though. I do hope someone can help me as my wife's only complaint on her N9 is the small fonts which cannot be modified unlike in symbian (my N8).

  3. I testing my N9 and the news are: - Sun icon(time) has a new transparent background (black oldest), the upper bar have a more presence, new update comming of other software aplications and it's all for the moment...